Eurekadoc RSM Mini-MBA: When Healthcare Meets Business Education

Our latest delegates came from all avenues of healthcare; surgeons; anaesthetists; GP’s; healthcare startups; medical students; nurses; CCG leads; commercial organisations working with the NHS / private sector; and even solicitors and bankers interested in healthcare. They travelled from all over the UK and Europe and even from Asia to join us.

This year’s course was the third iteration and the best yet; in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine and once again with the kind support of Imperial Business School.

The course took them on a tour of the principles of accounting, strategy, economics, marketing, leadership & negotiation, and design thinking in healthcare.

In designing the course, we wanted to inspire them to think differently, to get an overview and taster of business principles but also to go away with some practical tools and frameworks to apply in their daily lives. We wanted to give them that authentic MBA experience and have fun whilst learning so the course was designed with constant interaction built in.

An MBA is not for everyone, nor is it a necessary requirement to succeed in business or healthcare. Our delegates got a taster of what it would be like so that they could make up their own mind. I’m confident that regardless of their motivation, we were able to add value to their careers by changing the lens in by which they see the world around us.

I’d like to thank the RSM, Imperial Business School, The Eurekadoc Team, Wes Baker, Tim Ruthven, Anish Joshi, Yiannis Gkekas, Ahila Sivarasan and the amazing delegates who threw themselves into such a jam-packed weekend and for coming out with such enthusiasm and a hunger for new knowledge and experience.

Healthcare is changing. We need a better class of leadership.

If you’re thinking about an MBA, want to start your own business, want to take up leadership roles, or are just curious and want to explore without committing to the time and cost of a full-time MBA, our fully CPD accredited mini-MBA could be for you.

Written by course director and designer, Aroon Baskaradas MBBS, MRCS, MEd, MBA, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Former Management Consultant, & Co-Founder of Eurekadoc

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