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Learn how to leverage your healthcare experience at our CPD accredited crash course in management consulting for medics.

Welcome to Eurekadoc!

We are dedicated to helping ambitious and creative medics develop diverse, successful and above all fulfilling careers.

Be Inspired. Curate your career.

At Eurekadoc we believe that as medics we are a multitalented, multi-skilled and above all unique group
of professionals with a skills set other professions find enviable.
We also know that it’s hard sometimes.
The pressures of the daily job can be considerable, and we have all had those days where
we are left wondering whether there is more.
Whether you are thinking of leaving medicine, diversifying your career or looking to start a business, you are in the right place. 
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Not sure? Stuck in a career rut? Heading for career burnout? 



ARE YOU A MEDIC CONSIDERING GETTING INTO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING? We run a digital intensive crash course covering the core skills, key information and worked examples giving you all you need to know about management consulting.

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Mini-MBA in Healthcare

Ever wondered what an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) entails or considered doing one? Are you thinking about your career and want to learn business skills or move into a new sector e.g. consulting? Starting your own business but want avoid to mistakes and rapidly pick up the key principles, knowledge.

Property Investing Foundation Course

Read books, attend webinars, courses, and workshops and learn from other property investors. It is not enough to read the latest newspaper article about the property market or take some informal advice from a friend. Anyone can invest in property but anyone can also make big mistakes.



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  • I just wanted to reply to thank you guys for such a good weekend. I really did enjoy the course and found it so useful for thinking about my work going forward. I have already recommended it to a couple of medic friends who are keen for the next one that you run!

    Laura H.
    Laura H. GP (Mini-MBA delegate)
  • A massive thank you for organising such a great careers session.  I had been feeling trapped and lost particularly the week before the course but hearing so many visionary people speak and work to improve healthcare in a way that doesn’t involve sacrificing their own health was inspiring and motivational. I now feel inspired to pursue my strengths and passions outside of the conventional career path in medicine which has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  

    Dr Claire Merrifield
    Dr Claire Merrifield Academic Foundation Trainee (Delegate - Medicine: Stay or Go?)
  • video

    Dr Asif Munaf
    Dr Asif Munaf Core Medical Trainee & Founder of Date Smoothie